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Internal features

Muscles attach to the inner wall of the cuticle. Scorpion muscles are striated, with individual

fibres innervated by several neurons. A single neuron can attach to several muscle fibres. The strength of muscular contraction is a function of the rate of impulse delivery rather than of the number of fibres contracting (as is the case in vertebrates). The neuromuscular system has fast (phasic) neurons that produce rapid movement and slow (tonic) neurons that produce the prolonged contractions necessary for posture maintenance or for slow movement.The central nervous system consists of a brain and ventral nerve cord. The brain is composed of two large ganglia that surround the esophagus. The upper lobe (protocerebrum) of the top ganglion processes optic information and is the origin of complex behaviours, while the lower lobe (tritocerebrum) mainly controls the normal body functions. The bottom ganglion innervates the chelicerae. Locomotion is controlled by both ganglia. The nerve cord of the animal consists of seven ganglia connected by pairs of fibres.
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