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First, Make an insanely inspiring vision board

Start vague and think big picture (not small details... yet). Think of the feelings you want to

feel on your next journey. Make a list! You may find destinations, companions, and modes of transport fall into place AFTER you've settled on the unique feelings of your trip. (i.e. fun, off-the-beaten path, natural beauty, luxurious, raw, cultural immersion, etc.) Collect and compile images that spark the vibe + feelings you're super stoked on. Collage images together in a beautiful way that makes you happy! This can be on paper, on a bulletin board, or an iPhone app. I love making collages with actual magazines cuttings (Outside, the tiny atlas quarterly and [wherever] are awesome zines to treasure hunt through) I also love to make vision boards on my iphone the app Vision Kit... the digital collages above are three vision boards for my next adventure ;) New research in Positive Psychology (basically, the science of happiness) shows the anticipatory period of planning and preparing for our holidays and adventures = the most happiness producing portion of the entire journey. I tend to dig the actual journey a whole lot too... But, these first steps are a super place to start crafting your perfect adventure, and savoring the enjoyment of the process and path. :)
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