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If one is able to determine to correct time and areas to visit, then the rewards are great.

Distinctive architecture greets one across the country and the enthusiastic hospitality and curiosity from the locals of seeing a tourist in their midst is unforgettable. Add to this a beautiful landscape and delightful food and Yemen provides the traveller with a full and rich travel experience.If you wish to visit a country like no other on the Arabian Peninsula – than Yemen is the place to be Since a confused civil war broke out in early 2015 Yemen is not a safe vacation destination. BBC news reportFor up-to-date terrorist/war zone information check the Foreign Office (FO) world travel safety site (Yes, Americans too! This is how we saw Yemen when we visited about 15 years ago:This is an amazing, nearly medieval arab society, complete with well-armed men, veiled women, arid landscapes and extraordinary fortified mud houses. Play the game and the people – like most desert folk – are friendly and hospitable, but don’t tread on their toes.
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