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Now, Clammed by the view, once down the hill, I decided to remove the leech from the socks,

shoes. I wore the shoe without socks and tucked the socks in my Jacket. Fortunately, the jacket had zippers and I zipped the pocket to prevent any leech infestation from sock to my body. After another bout of man vs. leech with me being the loser, we made it to the end of Shola forest. I was so frustrated with the leech that I stopped removing them; it was Paavanan, Sajesh, Samu and the guide who removed the leeches. After 30 mins of hike we were the last ones to reach the guest house. People wanted to know who had the highest number of leech bites, as soon as I entered the scene; they clearly knew that they had a winner. With ~30+ bites I was declared the winner; the runner up had less than 20 bites. After cleaning the blood and bite spots, we spent the evening chatting. I forget to mention that the guest house did not have power supply for the entire duration of our stay because of the weather which had damaged the lines. I had a bad headache so I decided to sleep whereas others had a bon fire.
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