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The Siwa Oasis: Deep inside the Sahara desert (travel update)

(Today's video is in English, but has a brief segment in Arabic when I chat to my jeep

driver. The entire video, as always, is subtitled using Youtube's captions option). Don't worry, next week I'll get back to language updates, including a video where I do most of the talking, all spontaneous, so you can hear what my Arabic level truly is. For now, I wanted to share my favourite place on my travels in Egypt: the Siwa Oasis! It's a 10 hour or so bus ride from Alexandria (where I ended the first leg of my travels), through a road that has only been paved in recent decades, and as you can see it's a huge area of fertile land covered by palm trees, rather than our stereotypical image of an oasis being a single watering hole. While there I almost felt like I was in another country; it's so different to the rest of Egypt, especially since this time I got to meet another ethnic group (the first ones being the Nubians), this time the Berbers. Siwa is way more peaceful, and even though it's definitely a touristy area (lots of signs in English, and tourist-options like Safaris and day-trips), I didn't feel the kind of pressure of people trying to sell to me I would have elsewhere, even when I ditched my Egyptian attire to be more comfortable, and definitely stood out as a foreigner.
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