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Santorini Secrets You (Probably) Didn't Know

Whether you've had the privilege of visiting Santorini—aka one of the most romantic

islands in the world—or not, you probably know what it looks like. Photos of vibrant blue waters overlooked by whitewashed stone homes nestled above pristine beaches are constantly fueling wanderlust around the world (guilty as charged). But, as with many other destinations around the world, Santorini is more than just a pretty face. The island has plenty to offer in the way of quirky historical facts, geographical travel obstacles, and must-sees that only the locals know about. We've brought you the secrets of the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City's Grand Central Terminal, world famous art, national parks, Sardinia, and Central Park. Now read up on some of the little-known facts behind one of the world's favorite (or at least most photographed) islands: There Are Not That Many Blue Rooftops on the Island The same bright blue rooftops pop up in everyone's photos of Santorini—enough to make you think the entire island is full of them. In reality, these photos are all variations on one vista (pictured here). You can find the most famous blue rooftops in Oia Town—you'll know them when you see them.
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