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How much does it cost to Climb Mount Huashin (Prices as of June 2016)

The Worlds deadliest trail… even the title has a hair raising fervor about it. It’s been on our

bucket list for years and we always knew that someday we would dare to do it. However, as we were departing Xian railway station for the Mount Huashan scenic area, the doing part now seemed a little tougher mentally than a once, off the wall bucket list item.And if the adventure itself didn’t get us hyped enough, we had two days to climb to the “Plank Road In The Sky” located at the South Peak of the mountain. Despite many travelers coming to Xian for the most famed attraction, The Terracotta Warriors, it is a shame that Mount Huashan goes somewhat down the pecking order as it is widely cited as ‘The Number One Precipitous Mountain under Heaven’. It is easy to see why, considering it offers an illustrious North, East, South, West, Central peak climb, stunning scenery and a picturesque landscape just 130 km from the city. The climb to the South Peak deserves an adventure review in itself. We started our ascent in glorious sunshine, drinking in the natural vista. The mountains consume you the further you climb and it becomes very apparent that with the steep and narrow paths, rugged cliff faces and high mountain range, this is indeed the perfect setting for the Worlds deadliest trail.
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